Four Monkeys and No Typewriter E​.​P.

by RentOClean

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Recorded at Mono Valley Studio, Wales, over 2 days:


released January 29, 2014

Artwork by Sam Falla:



all rights reserved


RentOClean Guernsey

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Track Name: Bean Jah
I get my veg' from the hedge
It comes at a reasonable price
You cook it up it'll make you feel so nice
It'll give you visions in the night

I put my beans in a jar
Ah yeah, cor demi la
They've had the recipe since long ago
But I got mine, from my nan Flo

We're cooking bean jar!

And so I go to the...Cobo
But I have to hang my head and say, "Oh no"
Why why why, why
Why why why E-Coli

My granny makes a decent gauche melee
The perfect follow-up to my bean jar
I wash it down with a cider or two
Because the Roquettes is my favourite brew

Were drinking cider!

Knees-up Mother Brown
Pull your skirt up and you knickers down

Two old ladies sitting in the sand
Each one wishing that the other was a man
Track Name: Searching for a Melody (Soap on a Rope)
Searching my soul for a melody, but it comes so slow
I sold my soul for a shovel, to dig me out of this hole

Run away x4
Find a place now, where you wanna stay

I tried to write you a love song, but that would be a waste of my time
Because I know I'm over you, and I'm doing just fine

Run Away x 4
Find a place now, where we can stay.
Track Name: Robert Daily
Walking down the street evil thoughts in my brain
Thinking about all the money I'll make

Don't give a damn about what I've done
Stealin' money live life on the run, hey

Steal, steal, steal all the time
Steal what I want, what's yours is mine

Steal, steal, steal for the buzz
Fill my pockets and run from the fuzz

Went to the synagogue pretending to pray
But the Rabbi caught me stealing and sent me on my way

Don't give a damn 'bout what I do
Steal from my neighbor gonna' steal from you

Steal, steal, steal all the time
Steal, steal, what I want what's yours is mine

Steal, steal from the income tax
They took my money so I'm taking it back
Track Name: Battle of the Flowers (North Show Song)
Over wall and through the hedge
We're not interested in your massive veg
We'd rather get pissed instead
And 'ave a bloney good time

Spend all your money on the rides
Helter Skelter fall off and die
Well I shouldn't of snuck on in the night
It gave me an awful fright

If there all down
If there all done
Watch out 'cause here they come

Crown and anchor money's gone
Can't afford a strawberry scone
Oh my gosh, Guernsey gache
I wish I had a little more dosh

Time to leave through the trees
But where'd I put the car keys
Must be close can't be far
Maybe they're back at the bar

Well I might as well have another drink
Or maybe I should stop and think
But Tortval's so far away
Looks like I'll have to stay

Track Name: Opium War
Hey son have you got any money?
'Cause I'm a poor poor boy
Spent my last buck on my honey
She treats me like a toy

I used to be a rich man
But then a went to war
Then the C.I.A
said I aint rich no more

Opium, Opium, Opium war
These are the things that you can't ignore
Got your population down by the throat
Pass the needle there's no antidote

Those bags coming from Siagon
Track Name: Hot Fish Yogurt
You're momma ain't washed her panties for days
(your momma ain't washed her pantyhose)

She spent to long in a purple haze
(she's got no money that's the way it goes)

There's no hot water all the taps are broke
(She's hasn't got a job all she does is smoke)

But it makes no different 'cause she's got no soap

she's got a hot fish yoghurt

You better step back when she sneezes
(gushing ore fluid the Niagara Falls)

Or you just might catch some exotic diseases
(that viagra won't work so who you gonna call)

She went to the bank yesterday
(pussy bust out lips kissing the ground)

And she left a snail trail all along the way

She got a hot fish yoghurt

Been up all night on the telephone
Checked the yellow pages but she just don't know
She knows she's got a problem but don't know where to go
Went to the doctor for the remedy, he said,

"Try this love its called 'Rentoclean'."

She's so moist and you don't have to pay
(she been round the island more than the 7a)

That sketty bitch smokes 10 cocks a day

You found her in your best porno mag
(Even tho her tits are well starting to sag)

A face like that should be hidden with a bag

She got a hot fish yoghurt